Collection: Jigsaw Puzzles (Coming Soon)

Excitement is on the horizon with the upcoming release of Wild World jigsaw puzzles! 🧩 They will blend art, nature & education to redefine your puzzling experience.

While the official launch will be in early 2024, the process is underway & we've been testing samples. With boundless detail & stunning hand-drawn art, these maps make for incredible jigsaw puzzles. 🦏

We're exploring many options: a full world map puzzle (at least 2000pcs), puzzles of individual continents, puzzles for kids, and more. As it is with the Wild World map, these will go beyond entertainment – they offer a unique learning opportunity. Travel the globe as you piece together the puzzle! It's a journey through art & geography that promises countless hours of fun & education. 🔎

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  • Jigsaw Puzzles – Coming Soon!
    Jigsaw Puzzles – Coming Soon!
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